ProGuard Series Earplugs

Proguard Series earplugs

Designed for Musicians, DJs, concert goers, clubbers and anyone in noisy enviorements. 

The NEW ProGuard Custom Music will totally cater for all your loud listening needs.  

They fit deep into the ear so are inconspicuous and sit comfortably for long periods of time. Made from soft medical grade silicon, they require very little maintenance over their lifetime, a quick wash in warm soapy water and dry before inserting them into the ear is all that is required.

Every ProGuard earplug comes fitted with a choice of it's own replaceable acoustic filter (extra filters are available). The filter is the clever and new part, a completely new design and constructed using intricate membrane technology. The filter is engineered to give you the best acoustic response available, every membrane filter is tuned to allow a certain amount of sound to pass through un-cluttered, enabling you to hear music as it should be only at a lower level, with its original sound clarity intact. 


As this is a custom product, these earplugs are made to order, The current time is approximately 14 days.

You also need to contact me to arrange a convenient time to have your impressions taken.

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  • In Canal with replaceable acoustic filters

  • Material - Soft Medical Grade silicon in choice of colours.
  • Filters - 15, 18 and 19dB
  • Approvals - EN 352-2

*To get the Student price you'll have to send in a copy of your student card.