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Our custom in ear monitor range gives musicians and audiophiles the opportunity to hear the true benefit of soft silicone custom in ear monitors combined with a unique combination of driver(s) creating clear, rich and defined sound. We offer the customer the option to design their own custom in ear monitors, with a choice of colour moulds, number of driver(s), cable (detachable or hardwired) and even the option to add filters if the user wishes to increase their ambient awareness.


attenuating filters

An ambient filter can be added to your monitors, like the ones in the custom earplugs, you can choose the level of ambience simpley by choosing the attenuation level of the filters. The main benifit of these is that if you don't have everything running through your pa you can still here whats going on on stage. By changing the volume of the signal from the pa you can mix the levels of the two sounds to your liking creating the perfect monitor mix.


custom monitor

Introducing the perfect solution, combining the performance of acrylic with the fit and comfort of medical grade silicone.
The drivers are housed in an acrylic chamber within the silicone mold. This inavation allows the use of vented drivers which not only improves sound quality it aids moisture evaporation which is so important for the long life of your monitors.


Super high quality Linum cables are used for comfort and the best audio signal.

Speaker choices

Single Driver: £149
This single driver produces impressive sound quality. It makes for a great starter IEM.

Two Drivers: £249
The dual driver gives extra separation. giving more definition between the treble and bass.

Three Drivers: £399
The triple driver gives great clarity and depth in sound. Giving detail and richness in sound. 

Four Drivers: £499
Our top of the range IEM, giving enhanced audio with fullness of sound. The best of the best.